Our journey began over 50 years ago with a bold sketch on a cocktail napkin, an illustration of the innovative spirit and potential of what could be. That sketch, by our founder, Don Soffer, sparked the transformation of 785 acres of swamplands and created the vibrant City of Aventura. Today, Aventura is a haven in South Florida and an economic anchor for the region. While we've grown beyond South Florida, we remain true to our roots, upholding our reputation for excellence, creativity, and civic responsibility. Ours is a story about placemaking with principles.

A Multigenerational Family Business

At Turnberry, we are a family united by a shared passion for placemaking with principles. Our real estate portfolio is made of hospitality, retail, residential, and mixed-use projects built over five decades. They are living testaments to these principles. Our developments are distinguished by their innovation, their excellence in design, and by our unwavering commitment as operators to create enduring value for the communities we serve. Under the leadership of Chairman and CEO Jackie Soffer, we champion these principles every day, placing people and community at the forefront of everything we do.

Our Expertise

We’re dedicated developers, builders, and managers, passionate in our work, innovative in our approach. Calling on more than 50 years of experience, we identify opportunities and elevate assets beyond expectations across the hospitality, retail, and commercial sectors. Our diverse $10 billion portfolio, from South Florida to the Bahamas, Nevada to Tennessee, helps define communities, create deep connections through enduring, positive legacies, and drive economic growth.

Meet Our Team

Our team of industry-leading visionaries and experienced professionals are the heartbeat of our business. They share our values and drive us forward, allowing us to create and nurture communities.

We believe that growth means more than just financial returns; our assets should positively enhance people’s lives. We take pride in what we build, ensuring each development is meticulously managed and maintained, down to every last detail – from choice of location to the polish of our glassware.
We manage assets with unrelenting focus, ensuring they function faultlessly and have a lasting and positive impact. Harnessing the collective strengths of key collaborators and world-class brands, we create destinations that become a vital, much-loved part of their community.
We believe the greatest real estate assets put community needs at their core, creating places of gathering that provide a ripe canvas for creating lasting neighborhood culture and identity with a genuine sense of place and community.