Art is woven into the very fabric of our developments, reflecting our belief that art enriches lives by infusing spaces with color, vitality, and creativity, fostering a sense of identity and unity. For instance, at Aventura Mall, guests are greeted by the stunning experiential Aventura Slide Tower by renowned artist Carsten Höller, along with Gorillas in the Mist, a whimsical fountain comprised of three large-scale bronze gorillas, four massive bronze trees and five hand-carved marble benches created by the Haas Brothers. These are just a few examples of how we integrate art into our environments. Our commitment to the arts is not just a corporate responsibility, it is a reflection of the cultural, economic, and social legacy we aim to create in every community we touch.

Eye Benches

All Within the Realm of Possibility

Wish You Were Here

Twinkling Snowfall

Blue Crab



Greetings From… The Land of Sunshine

Adventura Slide Tower


Chefs #4


Moonrise East

Back of a Snowman

Leaping Hare on Crescent and Bell

Rainbow Valley

Friendship, I Love You

Suzanne Walking in Skirt and Top, 2005 Julian Walking in T-Shirt and Shorts, 2005

Veiled in a Dream

Good Vibes

Gorillas in the Mist

Tree of Knowledge

Freshly Caught

Arrows and Flower

The Andy Monument

Florida's Soul


Paradise and Fries

Mattie the Giraffe

Walking Figure

Hello Sunshine